• I will let you know things i personally consider DubTurbo... If it's any good and worth your time and effort and money. Exactly like you, I'm skeptical about anything that makes big claims and that i don't like getting ripped-off. And so i we do hope you read things i need to say which you'll make the right choice.
    In my DubTurbo review I will compare DubTurbo to some from the other state of the art beat making software.
    To begin with, there is one major and distinct advantage DubTurbo has over its competitors and that is the file formats!

    Have you ever attempted to make your own beats or perhaps always wanted to churn out beats in a studio, but never was presented the chance to?
    Well, now there's an all in one solution to having your own music production studio at a fraction from the cost of a genuine studio and with no huge learning curve.

    Nowadays, you might find thousands of software packages in a click. This is especially true for beat maker software. Some of the most famous products are FL Studio, Reason, Cubase, Sonar, etc... The costs of these programs vary from hundreds to almost a thousand dollars. Recently, DubTurbo has gotten many reviews. People also compare it with expensive professional programs. However, DubTurbo is extremely cheap. It is under $50. So, could it be legit or not?

    Dubturbo rocks! Regardless of a few minor downsides (which will be covered further down), for $29 I doubt there is a better value anywhere. This beat making software covers all of the bases and does it with quality and elegance. Whether you're into Hip Hop, House, Jungle, Dance, Film or just about any other modern genre, DUBturbo has something for you. The interface is conveniently divided into 3 main screens: the step sequencer, the drum machine and the 4 octave sampling keyboard. With such screens you simply enter your sounds, whether synth, drums or percussion and effects either by way of the qwerty keyboard on your computer or by clicking your mouse around the grid. What is simpler! Even beginners can be up and running in a few minutes. And, the sound quality is completely stunning. Although DUBturbo comes with more than enough sounds to help keep you just busy for a long time, new sound libraries are available for a minimal cost. No matter if you'll need audio for your website, audio for a video, or beats to rap to, DUBturbo has you covered.